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1.At what age did you first realize that you wanted to perform and dress like a woman?

Sa koliko godina si prvi put shvatio da zelis da se oblacis i nastupas kao zena?

Alicia: ” I Have wanted to be a girl all my life.I started performing at 18.”

Iman: “At 12”

Alexis: “I began my performing carrer at 12 years old and graduated at 18. From Jazz – aero Dancer’s Academy in Puerto Rico.And I 1st dress up like woman for a show when I was 24.”

Coco: “I knew I wanted to perform as a female impersonator at age 21.”

2.Can you describe to me your childhood?

Alicia: “Not a very happy one.Lets leave it at that.”

Iman: “Lonely.”

Alexis: “I was very close to my mom and sister and I was always interested in arts.My mom always support me and till today she is always supporting me.

Coco: ”Wonderful.Grew up in the pentacostal church, father was a pastor and I sing in the church choir.”

3.Do you remember your first dress and show?

Alicia: “ I did I m going a Man Hunt and wore a black mini skirt and fish net shirt I got from a girl at work.”

Iman: “White beaded gown”

Alexis: “I remember it was “I m a slave” from Britney Spears and I wore her costume for the video but I make it myself.”

Coco: “Janet Jackson throb and I was in a costume I made which I panned my highschool class ring to get the money for.”

4.Who is your idol?

Alicia: Elizabeth Taylor

Iman: Oleta Adams

Alexis: “ My idol is Jennifer Lopez, she is a inspiration for my latin community.”

Coco: Jesus Christ

5.What is your biggest wish?

Alicia: “ To win the lottery and open my own gay resort.”

Iman: “To have a beautiful home”

Alexis: “Find happines and real love”.

Coco: “World peace and equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, etc…”

6.Which celebrity is your sexual fantasy?

Alicia: Antonio Banderas

Iman: Owen Wilson

Alexis: Brad Pitt, he is hot

Coco: Brad Pitt

7.Your favorite song for show ever?

Alicia: “Don’t need nobody else”

Iman: “New York state of mind”

Alexis: “ Irreplaceable” from Beyonce

Coco: “Good Luck” from Basement Jaxx

8.Is it hard to be yourself?Why?

Alicia: “Because the world unfortunally still not a very accepting place.”

Iman: “No, not now.At first yes cause I was trying to live for everyone else, and not myself.”

Alexis: “It easy, I m very open and friendly.”

Coco: “It’s hard to be yourself when everyone knows you as someone else.”

9.What is your opinion about sex exchange?

Alicia: “It’ s fine it is a medical issue and should be treated as such.”

Iman: “I don’t seek if sexual reassignment I ‘ m happy the way I am.For those that do I’m happy for them.”

Alexis: “ I will not do it, but you are free to choose whatever you want”

Coco: “ Everyone is free to choose”

10.Do you realize how much you are  glamourous?

Alicai: “No I still don’t think I m that glamourous.”

Iman: “Yes, but it’s only in the show”

Alexis: “ Glamour for us is just on stage, out of stage we are normal people living in this world.”

Coco: “ No I just try to be the best I can be”

11.Who is your favorite fashion designer and perfume?

Alicia: Thierry Mugler and “Angel” perfume

Iman: Alicia Markstone /5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden

Alexis: Alicia Markstone and Kori Stevens they make my costumes, “Curve” is my favorite fragance.

Coco: John Galliano/ Unforgiveable (Puff Daddy)

12.Which person you will like to see in your audience?

Alicia:Ellen Degeneras

Iman:Oleta Adams

Alexis: My mom, she knows about my shows but she haven’t have oportunity to come to U.S.A and see me.

Coco: Janet Jackson

13.Which is the places in Europe which you will like to visit a most?


Iman: Amsterdam

Alexis: “I will love to go to Spain because I m Spanish and I think will be a greta experience


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