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Jason Mickle photoJason Mickle is one of the more outstanding photographers of the NYC fashion scene and we met quite accidentally and not knowing what the other one does, we still somehow came to talking about Jason Mickle and mefashion and fashion photography. I checked out  www.jasonmickle.com his website and was quite fascinated with what I saw; serious work, serious framing, phenomenal styling and amazing models. I immediately thought to myself "yes, this is it, this is the NYC fashion lifestyle!" Ok, I admit it, I really wanted to work with him and here is a warning for you…. be careful of what you wish for because it just may come true! A few days later Mickle called me to do the styling for Brandon, an American model, for his book and web presentation. Jason immediately knew what he wanted, what would be the styling themes and directed me in all aspects. I must admit that working with him, the make-up artist (whose name I can't seem to remember but whose business card I have stashed somewhere) and Brandon was a completely new experience.

Photo by Jason MickleBrandon Clement, Jason Mickle and meI learnt a bunch of new things, saw how it all functions and came to realize that this was the way I wanted to work.My freedom and their professionalism have to give a good result in the end.After photographing the model I personally, had to stand in front of the lens and I gotta tell you, it wasn't easy!Jason is an amazing person, always smiling, always in the mood to collaborate and above all very professional and is a great photographer.
He is a guy whose work, I'm certain, will decorate all the influential fashion magazines and very soon! A short story with him follows. Harlem, where he lives and works, was a very inspirational place not only for him, but for me as well.


  1. Jason Mickle photoHow long have you been photographing for and how did you get into photography?
    I first tried my hand at photography at the age of 11, mostly photographs of my family members, candid snapshots.  I grew up drawing and painting, as my father and uncle on my mothers side of the family.  I would use the photographs I took to use as studies for drawings and paintings.  One of my fathers friends was a photographer as were his daughters.  Camille Pasley is probably the one responsible for peaking my interest in photography.  She would teach me basic black and white photography after school when I was 14 or 15.  I went on to study Graphic design however, and then worked as a forensic photographer at FBI headquarters in my hometown of Washington, D.C.  A model agent, Duane Gazi, introduced me to fashion photography, and paved the way for my foray into this realm.
  2. Jason Mickle photoIs fashion photography the only form of photography that interests you?
    No I am not only interested in fashion photography.  I enjoy fine art photography, and am currently working on a series of male nudes harkening back to images of Carl Van Vechten, Paul Outerbridge, and Hoynigen Heuene.
  3. Which magazines have published your photographs?
    I have been published, in Surface, Fortune, Honey, Offspring, Gentlemen's Options, as well as producing work for music labels such as Warner Bros for artists like Crystal Waters, and DaRude. And lookbooks for New York designers Keith Lissner, and various catalogs.
  4. How did the photo of Halle Bari on Facebook come about?
    The photo of Halle Berry, was taken on a job for an upcoming project...shhhhh!
  5. Solar by Jason MickleWhat was your most treasured photo session?
    My most treasured photo session, was probably the first job I did in New York, which was the cover of a childrens magazine called Offspring.  It was a validating moment for me, after only being in New York for one year, and garnering an agency that believed in me, and clients that trusted me to do a good job.  They wanted a fashion photographer to transfer a young girl of 5 or 6 into a cyberchild.  It was lots of fun.
  6. Did you have any really difficult sessions?
    Every photo shoot presents it's own set of difficulties. This rings true of every creative process.
  7. For you, what is the most important thing when it comes to fashion photography?
    The most important thing when it comes to fashion photography is not taking it too seriously.  (laugh)  I think having an incredibly talented team of people who have confidence in their abilities is crucial.
  8. Photo by Jason MickleIs there ever any current trend in photography?
    I wouldn't say that there are current trends in photography on the whole, but if specifically mean fashion photography then the answer is yes.  Everything is cyclical in life.  And many things are revisited and reinterpreted.  This goes for photography styles.  And you tend to notice that trends in clothing are mirrored by trends in photography that are used to reference a certain era.
  9. What are your patterns and trends?
    I honestly cannot say that I have specific patterns or trends.  I try to create evocative photographs.  That's my pattern.
  10. Which famous celebrities would you like to shoot and why?
    I don't believe in fame or celebrity.  I think these are perceptions that have tainted mainstream society.   Notable individuals still living who I would like to photograph would include the poet Nikki Giovanni, because her words have always moved me.  The actress Meryl Streep, because I know her range of characterization and presence for the camera would elate me byond belief.  I love capturing emotion in photographs.  And finally Barack Obama, because he reaffirmed my belief in the amazing possibilities life presents, and he's handsome.
  11. What do you fantasize about when you're taking a break?
    I don't remember the last time I took a break.  But when I do, I plan on fantasizing about living a quiet and truly happy life somewhere where there will be sand between my toes, and warm tropical breeze on my face.
  12. Where would you like to see yourself in the future?
    Personally, I think the answer to this question is in 11.  But if you mean professionally.  I would love to establish myself as one of the top 10 photographers on the planet.
  13. Can you tell me something about the current exhibition you are working on?
    As I mentioned earlier, I am working on a series of male nudes that shows men in various states of undress.  There is a period feel to it, referencing the Art Deco Era.  I will stop there, as I am often wary of telling too much about unfinished projects.  But I am providing an opposite viewpoint to Carl van Vechten.
  14. me by Jason MickleIs Harlem a place that inspires you?
    Harlem does provide some source of inspiration.  I grew up not learning much about black history, and so one of the editorials I did for an Italian magazine was simultaneously a history lesson for me, and a way to pay homage to the area of New York that is known worldwide as the center of black culture in America.  I must admit, I do wish I lived here during the Harlem Renaissance, but maybe I am part of a new Renaissance here in Harlem.  There is so much going on in visual and performing arts culture, and it has been growing during the past 8 dark years we have endured in America.
  15. I've noticed that music is very important to you while you work. Does it move you?
    Music is one of the foods of life.  Of course it moves me.  And I would hope that it inspires my subjects.  We all have a soundtrack for our lives.  Music that represents periods of our maturation.  But more specifically as it concerns photo shoots.  I sometimes use certain music to evoke certain moods, so I can capture the expression I want.  I remember photographing a young girl in armor and bathing suits, and I put on the soundtrack from the film Dracula starring Gary Oldham.  She completely took on a dark and serious mood, and it made the pictures that much more interesting.
  16. How was it working with me?
    Srdjan, it was a pleasure working with you.  But I noticed you held out on one garment until it was time for your portrait.  I probably would have done the same thing (laughter).


photo by Jason MickleJason Mickle  jedan je od najtalentovanijih fotografa na njujorškoj modnoj sceni a mi smo se upoznali sasvim slučajno ne znajući čime se ovaj drugi bavi ali smo nekako tokom razgovora došli na temu Brandon Clement and Jasonmode i fotografije. Pogledao sam www.jasonmickle.com njegov sajt i bio sam fasciniran onim što sam video : ozbiljan rad, fotografije, fenomenalni styling i sjajni modeli. Odmah sam rekao sebi ; da, to je to, ovo je NY modni lifestyle! Ok,priznajem...želeo sam odmah da radim sa njim i samo da vas upozorim, pazite šta želite jer želje mogu i da se ostvare! Par dana kasnije usledio je poziv od Micklea da uradim styling za Brandona Clementa, američkog modela, za njegov book i web prezentaciju. Jason je jasno znao šta želi, kako treba da izgleda styling i uveo me u celu priču. Moram priznati da je rad sa njim, zatim make up artistom i Brandonom bilo sasvim novo iskustvo za mene. Naučio sam gomilu novih stvari, video kako sve to funkcioniše i shvatio da želim i ja tako da radim. Moja kreativna sloboda i njihov profesionalizam dali su na kraju dobar rezultat.
me by Jason MickleNakon fotkanja Brandona, stao sam i ja ispred objektiva i moram priznati, nije bilo lako! Jason je sjajna osoba, uvek nasmejan i raspoložen za saradnju i iznad svega veliki profesionalac i odličan fotograf! Siguran sam da će se njegove fotografije  uskoro naći u svim bitnim modnim časpoisima.
Počinjem kratku priču sa njim.
Harlem ,gde on živi i radi, bio je velika inspiracija ne samo za njega nego i mene.

photo by Jason Mickle1.Koliko dugo fotografišeš  i kako si ušao u svet fotografije?
Ruku na aparatu sam isprobao kada sam imao 11 godina, uglavnom sam fotografisao članove porodice, to su bile nepristrasne, iskrene fotke. Odrastao sam crtajući i slikajući, kao mpj otac i ujak sam mamine strane.Jedan od očevih prijatelja je bio fotograf  kao i njegove ćerke. Camille Pasley je sigurno jedna o dosoba koja je odgovorna sto sam zavirio u svet fotografije. Ona me naučila osnovnim stvarima o crno beloj fotografiji kada sam imao 14 ili 15 godina. Kasnije sam otišao da studiram grafički dizajn i onda sam radio kao forenzički fotograf za FBI u mom rodnom gradu Washingtonu. Modni agent , Duane Gazi me je uvela u modnu fotografiju.
2.Da li te zanima isključivo modna fotografija?
Ne zanima me samo modna fotografija. Uživam i u umetničkoj fotografiji, trenutno radim na seriji muških nagih HARKENING
fotografija od Carl Van Vechten, Paul Outerbridge, and Hoynigen Heuene.
3.U kojim magaznima su objavljivane tvoje fotografije?
Radovi su mi objavljivani u Surface, Fortune, Honey, Offspring, Gentlemen's Options kao i producentski radovi za muzičku kuću Warner Bros i za umetnike kao što su Crystal Waters I DaRude. Uradio sam lookbooks za njujorškog dizajnera Keith Lissnera i brojne kataloge.

Jason and Halle Beri4.Kako se fotografija Halle Bari pojavila na Facebooku?
Fotka Halle Barry je uradjena na poslu za predstojeći  katalog…pssssssssssssst!
5.Koji ti je najdragoceniji foto sešn?
Moj najdragoceniji foto sešn je moj prvi posao u NY a bio je naslovna strana dečjeg magazine Offspring. To je bio dragocen moment za mene, nakon godinu dana u NY I izabrati agenciju koja mi veruje I klijenti koji veruju da ću uraditi dobar posao. Želeli su da devojčicu od 5 ili 6 godina pretvorim u cyber dete.Bilo je jako zabavno.
6.Da li si imao neke sessione koji su bili naporni
Na svakom fotkanju postoje određene poteškoće. To je deo kreativnog procesa.
7.Šta je po tebi najvažnije za modnu fotografiju?
Najbitnija stvar vezana za modnu fotografiju je da jene uzimate previše ozbiljno ( smeh ).Mislim da imam neverovatno talentovan tim koje ima samopouzdanja u svoje mogućnosti.
8.Kada je reč o modnim fotografijama da li tenutno postoji trend?
Ne bih rekao da postoji generalni trend u fotografiji, ali u modnoj, moj odgovor je da. Sve je ciklično u životu. Možete primetiti da se trendovi u odevanju ogledajuu trendovima u fotografiji i da su referenca određene ere.

Brandon Clement and mephoto by Jason Mickle9.Kakav stil i trend neguješ na fotografijama?
Iskreno ne mogu reći da imam specifičan model ili trend. Pokušavam da napravim evokativne fotografije. To je moj model.
10.Koga bi od slavnih voleo da slikaš?
Ne verujem u slavu I slavne. Mislim das u to pojmovi koji kvare mainstram društvo. Ugledne osobe koje bi voleo da fotografišem postoje,  to je pesnikinja Nikki Giovanni jer me njene reči uvek pokreću. Glumica Meryl Streep jer me njen raspon likova i osećaj za kameru uvek oduševi.Volim da uhvatim emociju na fotografiji.Konačno, Barack Obama, jer je refirmisao moje verovanje u neverovatne mogućnosti i zgodan je.
11.O  čemu razmišljaš kada odlučiš da napraviš pauzu?
Ne sećam se kada sam poslednji put napravio pauzu. Kad pauziram onda fantaziram o životu na nekom mirnom I srećnom mestu gde će mi pesak biti između prstiju I topli povetarac na licu.
12.Gde se vidiš budućnosti?
Lično, mislim da je odovor u jedanestom.Ali akomisliš profesionalno, voleo bi da budem jedan od 10 najboljih fotografa na planeti.
13.  Da li mi možeš nešto reći o izložbi koju pripremaš?
Kao što sam ranije pomenuo, radim na seriji muških nagih fotografija u različitim pozama.
Jason Mickle14. Da li je Harlem mesto koje te inspiriše?
Harlem jeste jedan izvor inspiracije. Odrastao sam ne znajući puno o crnoj kulturi, tako da jedan od editorijala koji sam radio za italijanski magazin bio je istovremeno lekcija istorije I način da se odužim zajednici u NY koja je širom sveta poznata kao centar crnačke kulture u Americi.
15. Primetio sam da ti je muzika jako bitna, da li t eona pokreće?
Muzika je životna hrana. Naravno da me pomera. Inadam se da inspiriše moje subjekte. Svi imamo soundtrack za život.Muziku koj apredstavlja periode našeg odrastanja. Još je posebnije ako sazrevanje prate I fotografije.Ponekad korostim određenu muziku kako bi evocirao određene emocije kako bih uhvatio željenu emociju. Sećam se kada sam slikao mladu devojku u oklopu I kupaćem kostimu pustio sam muziku iz filma Dracula sa Gary Oldmanom. Preuzela je mračno raspoloženje koje je fotografije učinilo jako zanimljivim.
16.  Kako ti je bilo dok si radio sa mnom?
Srđane , bilo je zadovoljstvo raditi sa tobom.Ali primetio sam da  si držao neku odeću dok nije došao red na tvoj portret.Verovatno bi I ja učinio isto ( smeh)

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