Canadian Fashion Soared High Because of Face Masks

Designers Stephanie Young and Ken Wong have returned from Paris to Toronto since last year’s March. On the day of their return, these two talented designers immediately presented their Fall Style 2020 collection to fashion fanatics.

They admitted that the season was incredibly great. However, after fifteen days, the hype came to a halt as orders were simultaneously canceled. Both designers said in an interview that the season was chaotic than anyone could ever imagine as the fifteen-year-old brand sank into the pangs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, after days of the drastic decline, Stephanie Young found herself manually sewing and cutting for the very first time in her whole life. She utilized and transformed discarded pieces of her signature collection’s washable Italian microfiber knit into elaborately and creatively ruffled masks. These masks surged high in the market and were surprisingly sold out by retailers. Face masks are the new fashion accessory for everyone, and that idea alone made the designers more confident in their next comeback.

The best thing about the newest mask collection is that they are washable and feel very smooth on the face. Washable and reusable masks offer an eco-friendly and safe option to shield people against the COVID-19 transmission through droplets. Obviously, the designer’s purpose is to protect their customers from the virus and enhance their everyday fashion by introducing stylish, comfortable, and well-designed face masks.

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