Chrissy Teigen Welcomes Her New Business Partner and Venture

Chrissy Teigen has already been teaming up with the iconic Kris Jenner. This team-up is specifically for Chrissy Teigen’s newest line of self-care and home products to help people keep their homes clean.

The author of the cookbook, Kris Jenner, has successfully collaborated for a new collection of plant-powered self-care and cleaning items called “Safely.” This line has been accumulating market demand since day one.

With a starting price of six dollars only, the line encompasses an interesting range of soft, gentle items like hand sanitizers, glass cleaner, universal cleaner, hand soap, and all of these have a natural scent of aromatherapy oils. Chrissy Teigen has posted on her Instagram a picture of her cleaning her kitchen countertop using her products.

The duo also advertised their new project by releasing a funny Instagram video. In that video, Kris Jenner said: “I am very excited to collaborate with Chrissy, and I just wish her thoughts are not dumb.” Well, obviously, this is comedy’s sake only.

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