Nordstrom Beautycycle Had Its Official Launch in Canada

Starting now, the retailer is already accepting empty bottles or packaging of beauty products regardless of their brands. These empty bottles should be dropped by at any Nordstrom store in Canada.

The company’s goal is to ensure that those hard-to-recycle bottles and packaging will not be sent directly to landfills. This is actually one of the most iconic, environmentally-friendly moves the company has ever initiated. Well, the initiative is mainly from Nordstrom. The company first launched this project stateside during the previous year. With that, they are the first big Canadian retailer to announce a beauty-focused, catch-all recycling project.

But how does this project work? In Nordstrom’s beauty departments, their customers should look for TerraCycle Waste boxes wherein they can drop off their empty containers. Once these boxes are already full, all of their contents should be sent to the recycling facility to be properly washed, sanitized, sorted, and remanufactured.

Most of these containers are accepted by the company; however, there will always be limitations— aerosol cans, nail polish bottles, and perfume bottles shouldn’t be included.

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