Current Beauty News

1. Apple Martin Approves Goop Beauty’s GOOP GLOW Lotion.

While on the quest for searching for the newest moisturizer for a summer and spring collection, Goop has finally launched its latest product, the GOOP GLOW Lotion. This is a lightweight moisturizer made with spirulina enzyme, vitamin C, and Kakadu plum.

This is clinically proven and tested to be effective on the skin and has immediate, long-term results (which made it one of the most in-demand luxury lotions in the market these days). Some customers have testified that the product has indeed improved their skin’s hydrations, smoothness, and texture.

2. Danessa Beauty is Already Available in Three Hundred Sephora Stores

Beloved makeup artist and celebrity Danessa Myricks has already been working on her career for years as an educator and artist. Today, Danessa Myricks’s 5-year-old makeup brand has already launched in over three hundred Sephora stores in the US and in Canada.

3. Fika Beauty, a Canadian brand, just launched its spring collection.

Fika Beauty already released its 2021 spring collection, including new additions and reformulated favorites. The brand focuses on sustainable and clean products to get people’s legs and arms ready for warm weather.

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