The Founder of Urban Cloth Launched a New Denim Design

Like most of us during the past years, the founder of Urban Cloth, Adam Harley, has always been searching for more fashion innovations. With his fourteen years of e-commerce experience in the fashion industry and digital world, he has finally found his new client-based project.

However, this new project has become sporadic due to the hold of the health crisis. As the pandemic intensified, Adam Harley admitted that he was forced to face the uncertainty of his launch. He also reported having plenty of free time thinking about the pros and cons of his new endorsements and upcoming artwork.

He has been working so hard in the industry for so long, and he admitted that he had never been this indecisive his entire life. But in order to bring some joy to his life, Adam, who found himself mainly obsessed with loungewear during the entire lockdown period, decided to buy a pair of jeans. “It was just a treat for me,” he said. Although he has worn denim several times throughout his life, he has never been this imaginative about this clothing his entire life— and that’s when he knew he was about to shift his track.

Indulging into the bliss of this satisfying style has sparked hope in his life. In a snap, the idea of making the best style out of denim just popped from his head. Thus, he decided to get things done during the pangs of the current health crisis. Adam started to research, investigate, and study the manufacturing processes and the required materials. And just like that, Urban Cloth has created a total revival of the denim era.

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