Oremme Has Launched a Gold Recycle Program

Hand-crafted, Toronto-based store, Oremme has already registered as an environmental initiative member in the site “one percent for the planet.” This program is mainly dedicated to people who want to donate their unwanted jewelry that is made of gold.

These gold accessories will be melted for future purposes, specifically for remanufacturing. The company has just launched its Gold Recycle Program. This program encourages its clients to donate the gold jewelry they do not need anymore. This initiative has been a breakthrough as it promotes sustainable fashion.

According to sources, the pieces of gold people use actually have infinite lives. These pieces of gold will sooner be melted into newer pieces and made into jewelry— the cycle continues forever.

During a press conference, a representative said that the program was designed to promote environmental conservation and, at the same time, encouraging sustainability in the fashion industry.

Hana Tajima, a Uniqlo designer, said in an interview that what people wear allows them to inhabit a certain aspect of who they are completely. Her new design has a full range of gold pieces that include gently structured separates and a smooth flow of accessories and dresses.

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