Celebrities Are Purchasing Sandals from Birkenstocks and Birkin Bags

Everyone has been staying in their homes due to the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic while lamenting the thought of wearing high fashion dresses, boots, and jeans again. Well, rich celebrities are living in a different spectrum. Kylie Jenner has actually purchased a Birkin bag recently, and she proudly posted it on her Instagram and placed it inside her million-dollar closet. MSCHF crafts these designer bags, and this brand has an application for those fashion fanatics waiting on their updates and new drops.

MSCHF asked people on Instagram that they will receive a thirty-four to seventy-six thousand dollar worth of celebrity-sought-after pair of shoes if they follow them. Indeed, people still need a huge amount of money in their bank accounts just to buy one Hermes bag.

But why do they have to reach that amount when they can get it for free by following MSCHF on Instagram? This is considered to be a better investment compared to gold. In Kylie Jenner’s post, the word Birkin Stock has been emphasized in the picture. The pair of shoes is made of black leather with a mix of gold belts and prints. She also wrote, “Thank you, MSCHF.”

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