Top 2 Canadian Brands Meghan Markle Wears

There is no wonder why the Sussex Duchess is obsessed with Canadian fashion. She has always been wearing Sentaler, Kyo and Soia, Aritzia, Mackage, and many more throughout her years of existence in the fashion world. After the most recent news about Harry and her traveling to Canada, people have suspected that her fondness for local brands will grow even more.

She has always been posting pictures on her social media accounts to inspire and update her viewers with her fashion preferences. Her unique daily outfits, such as the recyclable and repairable denim cotton jeans, astounded her followers because she no longer wears royal dresses just to attend casual outings.

She has been recently seen wearing denim made by Decade Studio. This sustainable and high-fashion denim brand inspires people to wear denim in a more fashionable and unique way.

Another Canadian brand Meghan Markle is obsessed with is Frank and Oak. This brand has launched its environmental-friendly clothing collection, which is made and designed from recycled materials. Despite the term “recycled,” the new clothing collection consists of very comfortable sweats and suits for the upcoming winter season.

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