NAACP 2021 Image Awards Best Looks

Due to stricter health protocols, red carpet events are nowhere near to be held. However, in the fashion industry, this isn’t a problem at all. The NAACP 2021 Image Awards is a five-night awards celebration for people’s outstanding artworks. People in the entertainment industry have taken pride in their breathtaking, astounding designs by flaunting them in their social media accounts. These pieces have culminated in a wonderful awards ceremony during the past weekend (from March 27 to March 28).

One of the chosen people to be awarded in the NAACP 2021 Image Awards is Regina King. With her long rust-colored, glossy custom-designed gown, likes and comments have flooded her picture. She looked so stunning with her elegant gown with a bow at the back, and she confidently paired it with her gold-colored heels.

The second artist who won the award is Issa Rae. Issa Rae posted her flawless, free-flowing white gown with silver patterns on her Instagram. This gown is best paired with silver accessories and white heels. Next is Tracee Ross. She nailed the event by posting her long black dress with ruffled cloth on its hips while wearing a pair of big, white shoes and gold accessories. The mixture of black and gold is just so mesmerizing, causing her feed to be flooded by her fans’ comments.

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